Chennaistar Shipping Enjoys a broad representation of liners in import/export sea freight, which caters to diverse parts of the world. It ensures competent handling of customer’s cargoes by providing reliable vessels and handling the associated formalities. The company offers FCL service with a wide choice of ocean carriers. This allows the company flexibility to provide more recurrent sailing, additional vessel space and steadfast schedules.
Full Containers Loads
We Offers a huge range of FCL (full container load) services to and from the world around. Through our long standing relationships and volume commitments with renowned shipping lines the business volume allows us to provide cost-effective pricing with high service levels which creates a secure working environment for our customers.
Chennaistar Shipping is covering the market with immense impetus. Over the years ever since its existence, the company has gained the experience that enables the company to better understand customer requirements and work closely with them to meet their exclusive requirements through continual improvement.

Some of the core benefits the company offers are:
• Services throughout the region for FCL (full container load) traffic.
• Frequent, direct sailings available to/from major ports in India from/to major ports around the world.
• Exclusive arrangement of trans-continental and inter-modal carriers and delivery operations to provide a customized, timely, service anywhere outside India.