Agency RepresentationChennaistar Shipping offers you strong agency representation along the Chennai ports, our agency service is guided not only by our knowledge of the local ports, but also by our experience as managing agents for Container operators, We know firsthand how proactive agency representation can save owners time and money. While other agents may provide routine husbandry services, we have the knowledge and desire to ensure that all port services are provided with maximum efficiency and minimum cost. We understand round-the-clock shore side attention that is essential to smooth operations.

In addition, our excellent relationships with local authorities in the country, we operate in is of benefit to our customers, as our high ethical standards, reliability and quality of our services is recognized by all parties, and it is the basis on which we safeguard the customers interests,  in all ports where we are represented, we set us apart by having the knowledge and infrastructure to protect our customers interests during the port call to the highest possible standards.

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